FurryFreeStyle - Dancevideo

Welcome to the info page of the dance project.


To join in, you need the following things:


- A fursuit (fullsuit or partial) No skin to be seen!

- A photo / video camera

- Fun to dance

The idea for FurryFreeStyle - Dance Video:


At the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2010 from Oslo in Norway, there was a performance by the Norwegian singer-duo "Madcon" with the song "Glow".


There was a Europe-wide dance flashmob for this song.

During the performance of Madcon, the audience in the Telenor Arena (Oslo) danced the rehearsed dance choreography for the dance flashmob. At the same time people also danced this dance in some European cities. There were live recordings from different countries and cities.


This performance gave me the idea of putting on a similar dance video.


The video for the appearance at the ESC 2010 is available here:

You are interested in joining FurryFreeStyle and maybe you know more people who feel like it?


Then check out the dance tutorial video. It's easy.

What should I do:


1. Learn the dance steps in the tutorial

2. Find a nice location

3. Suit up, dance and record video

4. Send me your videos and photos

Step 1: Learn the dance steps


To learn the dance steps, there is a tutorial video.


This video introduces the project.

The dance steps are shown exactly and slowly.

There are also some examples of what a video of you might look like.


Have fun watching.

Here you can download the music
Gina Dee - limelight (extendeo mix) Free
MP3 Audio Datei 10.8 MB

Step 2: Find a nice location


There are many beautiful places in this world.


- A landmark or place in your hometown

- Viewpoints / squares with beautiful city views

- In nature (forest, mountains, beach, lakeside ...)

- At a furry convention or Furmeet


Shows your favorite places from the most beautiful side.

I am very curious about your ideas


Here are some sample pictures:

Step 3: Suit up, dance and record video


Camera on a tripod and off you go.


Maybe you also know people with good camera equipment,

so much nicer pictures would be created.

Also shows your surroundings during the recording.


Dancing is possible both alone and in a group.

The more Fursuiter are the better and more ingenious.


You do not have a fursuit, but you still want to dance? dance without a fursuit.


Ask your friends or organize a meeting at a convention.


Do not forget to take beautiful pictures for the memories as well.

These photos will then be shared in the Telegram group and on Twitter.

Step 4: Send me your videos and photos


It's almost done.


Now you send me the best shots and photos of your FurryFreeStyle dance.


I need the following information from you:

- Name of the filmmaker (if available)

- Name of the location (town, country, which con or event)

- Name of all Fursuiter to be seen


With this information, you can send me your recordings via Telegram or upload to a cloud.


At the beginning it is planned that the videos and photos will be collected within a year.

The big final video will be made in the middle or end of 2020.


Until then, the latest video clips and pictures are posted on Twitter every now and then.

I'm really looking forward to see your ideas and contributions.


If you like FurryFreeStyle, share the tutorial video.

I would be very happy about it.

The more that is, the better it gets.


If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask them.

Just write me a message in Telegram or Twitter.


Finally, the most important links:


- Tutorial-video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ6z82fZ4oY

- Music to the dance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlnjhkZnMRE

- Telegram group: https://t.me/furryfreestyle

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/furryfreestyle

Let's go, have fun and dance around the world :)